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UIF2ISO decompressor

What is a UIF File and How to Open/Mount it?

UIF (Universal Image Format) is an image extension format patented by MagicISO for creating compressed image files. This is a very rarely used file format and cannot be mounted directly by any third party applications.

How to open UIF file?

You can open UIF file using 2 methods:

  1. Use MagicISO to open file directly
  2. Convert UIF to ISO and then mount the ISO file to image drive Continue reading
bad_pool_header 0×00000019 image

Fix bad_pool_header 0x00000019 Error in Windows 7, Vista and XP

What is bad_pool_header Error?

This error message is simply a numerical representation of the type of error encountered by your Windows Kernel. The associated parameters with the bad_pool_header code points to the exact problem caused within the memory location, Type of error and associated application which has triggered it.

Causes for bad_pool_header Error Message

This error is usually triggered by corrupt system files or damaged executable system processes. We have also seen this error commonly while upgrading Windows Service packs. Some of the possible reason for this error are:

  1. Incompatible drivers and files which could not support the newer version of the operating system.
  2. Power failure during up-gradation which could have damaged system files on Hard Drive
  3. Possible Hardware failures Continue reading
Auto Kindle eBook Converter image

Auto Kindle eBook Converter For Mac and Windows

The Auto Kindle ebook converter is primarily a quick and easy program to convert various ebook extensions to kindle compatible format.
Auto Kindle eBook Converter image

It doesn’t have a stylish name and lacks edgy borderline. This Kindle eBook converter is compatible with a number of file formats such as PDF, PDB, LIT, CHM and HTML files having cross browser compatibility. Continue reading


The Windows community has always had the worst impression about the Norton Antivirus products due to the reported high RAM and high CPU usage of the software. The ccsvchst.exe is one of such process from the software manufacturer that does no good to its reputation.

What is ccsvchst.exe process?

ccsvchst.exe Norton imageCcsvchst is one the thread processes of the Norton Antivirus. The core functioning of this process is to check for updates and monitor them continuously so that the antivirus application runs effectively. It is called automatically every time you start your system and if you do not have a plug and play Internet connection you might witness slow performance of your system during startup. Continue reading

Fix Certificate Error: navigation blocked in IE

Certificate error and the navigation being blocked in internet explorer is one of the common heriditary disease which Microsoft fails to check each time a new version is rolled out. This certificate error was visible from internet explorer version 7 to ie9. This trademark behavior of the Microsoft has compelled the users to shift to other browsers which always keeps clearing out the old bugs in their new versions.
Continue reading