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If you are having trouble finding the best suitable emulator for your joystick, you might want to check out xpadder for this problem. It has been in the market for the last five years and has an unmatched efficiency as compared to its other competitors. If you are new to this application you can go through this article for the bigger picture.

xpadder versions

The program was initially launched as a shareware. Later on with its huge success and demand for better functionality, the developer decided to tag its price. Following are the available versions in chronological order – v5, v5.3, v5.4, v5.6, v5.7 and v5.9. Continue reading

browser hijacker removal

Browser Hijacker is a high level virus threat that can manipulate your browser settings and can autopilot it to trigger some unwanted domains at frequent interval of time. Logging and sending keyboard strokes and user's sensitive data to the hackers email or website is another scrupulous activity that it executes.

How Did I Get Infected with Browser Hijacker?

The only good thing about this virus is that it is not capable to spread on its own. There must be an event or request to activate this virus. Usually they are seen bundled with free software available across the internet. Some common methods of infection are –

  1. Pirated Software or Patch files or Key generators are the core source by which this infection spreads. Whenever you download such executable files from the Internet and install them, browser hijacker runs behind the installation in a stealth mode compromising your browser settings and you have successfully committed an act of piracy along with compromising your own system.Even if you remove the installed exe afterwards, this will not remove the infection. Continue reading

CryptNetUrlCache Folder

What is CryptNetUrlCache?

It is a part of the CryptoAPI certificate validation check done in Windows Operating Systems. It lists all the blocked servers which do not work with ethics of the Windows Integrated Authentication. There are two folders “Metadata” and “Content” which logs the websites that has been checked once for such authentication. Hence, next time IE tries to connect to such sites it will not check for validation criteria, thereby increasing the load time of the page. Continue reading

Cisco NAC Agent

What is Cisco NAC Agent?

Cisco NAC agent (commonly known as Clean Access Agent), is a client side authentication technique implemented by Cisco systems which can also check for required program updates and patch files if necessary.

It is very surprising to see that this process can be hacked easily but is still being implemented in many large institutions for authentication and validation. The worse part is that, it can handle Windows OS effectively but lacks the ability to validate Mac OS or LINUX systems. Though it provides a web based authentication procedure for these OS, it can easily be over ridden to bypass major authentication protocols. Continue reading

Fix iTunes Error 3194 in iPhone

Apple is famous for its hassle free code execution which has been the very basic code of conduct laid by the legend, Steve Jobs.  Hence there are less bugs and vulnerabilities in the system. Still there are some common base line unknown errors which have not been rectified in the later versions.
One of such errors is the 3194 restore error. It has been there since iPhone 3gs and now it still bugs up the latest iPhone version 4. In this article we will see how we can fix 3194 error. Continue reading