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Auto Kindle eBook Converter For Mac and Windows

The Auto Kindle ebook converter is primarily a quick and easy program to convert various ebook extensions to kindle compatible format.
Auto Kindle eBook Converter image

It doesn’t have a stylish name and lacks edgy borderline. This Kindle eBook converter is compatible with a number of file formats such as PDF, PDB, LIT, CHM and HTML files having cross browser compatibility.

How to Use Auto Kindle eBook Converter

  1. Connect your Kindle to computer
  2. Open and Run this program
  3. Select the file that you want to convert
  4. Press Enter and then open it to select your content folder.
  5. Wait till the conversion is completed
  6. Disconnect Kindle safely

The conversion speed is dependent on the size of the document you are dealing with. If the file size is larger than 50mb you might have to wait a few seconds more for the conversion to be completed. It is always recommended that you move the converted file to the document folder of your Kindle. Now when you open your list of documents on your device, the converted file should be listed there.

Pros and Cons of Auto Kindle eBook Converter

Following are some of the common problems and advantages with this freeware program:


  1. Ability to convert Images inside the content correctly
  2. Program is free to download and use


  1. Still in beta (since ages which is really dishartening) and needs more bug fixes..
  2. The converted documents sometime shows very small fonts and texts

The freeware converter may be of no use anymore but we could see a lot of scope for improvement after we reviewed it . The graphical interface, which is missing could be mixed with a directory of default output.  Few programs, which are used by many people, are unable to convert the images correctly. This converter works great under such situations.

Download Auto Kindle eBook Converter

You can get this program directly by following this download link.


The Auto Kindle eBook is one of the most downloaded kindle converters. It is easy to use and can be used to convert almost all types of files to PDF, PDB and other such formats, irrespective of the size.