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pum disabled security center image

Pum.disabled.securitycenter – Virus or False Positive

What is pum.disabled.securitycenter?

It is an acronym for Potentially Unwanted Modifications security centre disabled message. It is a very rare warning message shown by Malwarebytes, although it has nothing to do with virus or other malicious program.

What is Reason for this error?

The reason for this error is simple – The Windows Firewall settings have been modified and it will not notify you about which program is currently managing this aspect.

pum disabled security center image

Is this a Virus Alert?

No. In most cases it is found to arise during conflicting situations where users have installed 2 or more Antivirus program. Either of the programs feel the other one to be managing the Firewall settings. In reality, however, the Windows Notification for Firewall management is found to be turned off. Hence, no Firewall is activated for the system.

How to fix this problem?

You should never keep 2 or more Antivirus program at once. This is what you need to do –

  1. Uninstall any of the Antivirus Programs
  2. Restart your Computer
  3. Now Press Start — > Control Panel
  4. Go to All Control Panel Items — >Windows Firewall
  5. Select the “Turn Windows Firewall On/Off”
  6. Select “Turn On Firewall”
  7. Also select “Notify Me”
  8. Press Ok
  9. Restart your computer

Now run the Malwarebytes again. You should not get any error messages now.

If you are still unable to fix this problem you can ask for help by using the comment section.

CryptNetUrlCache Folder

What is CryptNetUrlCache?

It is a part of the CryptoAPI certificate validation check done in Windows Operating Systems. It lists all the blocked servers which do not work with ethics of the Windows Integrated Authentication. There are two folders “Metadata” and “Content” which logs the websites that has been checked once for such authentication. Hence, next time IE tries to connect to such sites it will not check for validation criteria, thereby increasing the load time of the page. Continue reading

Index.dat – Gain control of your Privacy

What is Index.dat?

Ever wondered what would happen if all your browsing history, browsing data, date time stamp of the visit, which are stored in a local file gets compromised. You might feel secure after you have successfully cleared all your history data and content after a particular session, but the data is not erased completely. There is a log file maintained to keep a tab of all the internet searches along with date time stamp on it. This log file is named index.dat.

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Does Farmville Cause Viruses?

farmville secretsWith the popularity of farmville growing at an incredible rate – more and more people are now asking questions about the game. One of the most common questions is, “Does Farmville Cause Viruses?”. There is a very simple answer to this, and the answer is NO. Farmville is a completely safe game that does not cause viruses.

It's a program application that you install into your facebook profile that is all by choice. You don't need to install anything to your computer in order to play it and it is all based for online play only. There have been no reports of viruses that farmville has caused.

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farmville secrets, and Facebook Scam

Beware of a recent scam which is circulating Facebook., Yourbizbegin and are Facebook viruses which shows the following message on the Facebook news feed.
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Your Facebook account details are at risk of being hacked if you sign up for anything on or You are recommended to change your password immediately if you have signed up.

When you access, it attempts to trick users into thinking that the website is genuine by using fake promotions like “As Seen on: ABC, AOL and CNN”

It also asks you to purchase a product called ‘Easy Google Profit’. This is a legit product however you are only helping the scammers spread more viruses by purchasing any products from that website. Facebook Scam
Remember people. There is no such thing as easy money making. Always check the authenticity of online money making programs. This is all from experience.