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Auto Kindle eBook Converter image

Auto Kindle eBook Converter For Mac and Windows

The Auto Kindle ebook converter is primarily a quick and easy program to convert various ebook extensions to kindle compatible format.
Auto Kindle eBook Converter image

It doesn’t have a stylish name and lacks edgy borderline. This Kindle eBook converter is compatible with a number of file formats such as PDF, PDB, LIT, CHM and HTML files having cross browser compatibility. Continue reading

WEP Key Cracker Softwares For Windows and Mac OS

With thousands of people putting their talent for app development to good use, the internet is rife with a plethora of web applications. These can help perform a range of functions that vary from the simplest to the most complex. If you want to gain access to a Wi-Fi network without the required password, there are plenty of WEP Key Crackers online that can help you. Continue reading


KisMAC is an open source wireless network discovery application designed for Mac OS X consisting of a wide variety of features. Images Of KismacUnlike other similar programs, KisMAC is essentially made for network security professionals. This might make the application somewhat difficult to grasp for beginners. It is a free software which is distributed under GNU General Public License.

The KisMAC application actively scans for networks on cards supported by Mac OS X. It also scans passively for networks on other supported cards. The program has an advantage over certain other programs like MacStumbler / NetStumbler / iStumbler as it can use passive scanning and monitor mode. Continue reading

smcFanControl For Mac OS – Download, Features and Windows Work Around


Is your MacBook Pro getting too hot? Are you feeling the burning sensation in your thighs from your MacBook Pro after using CPU intensive apps? If yes, then you might want to check out smcFanControl. This free GPL licensed utility controls fan speed of every Intel Image of smcFanControlMac computers so that the machine remains cool. It allows users to set minimum speed of the in-built fans in the system to maintain its temperature. However in order to ensure that your machine is not spoiled, smcFanControl does not allow you set minimum speeds below the limit set by Apple.

smcFanControl Snow Leopard Features

This utility boasts of a number of features: Continue reading

Gba and No$gba Emulator For Mac

Want to have the fun of Game boy Advanced on your sweet Macintosh? There has been many roms and emulators which brag about working in Mac but when we tried to grab it for our Mac Book Pro it was a totally different situation. Of all the roms and emulators that we downloaded where either corrupt or just won’t work. This article is meant for all Mac users who wants to have the fun of Nintendo and Gameboy Advanced at their fingertips. Continue reading