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GMER - Anti Rootkit Scanner image


What is GMER?

GMER is a quick and easy Rootkit detector and remover for Windows operating system. This anti rootkit application has an additional scanner support which can make your task faster and easier. GMER - Anti Rootkit Scanner image GMER helps to solve BSOD crashes and overcome Blue screen problems by successfully scanning your entire PC and removing malicious processes and Root kits. Continue reading

PuTTY Connection Manager – How to Use, Download and Alternatives

What is PuTTY connection manager?

It is a free to use add-on client for Windows platform to easily administer numerous PuTTY instance. As the name suggests, it is a utility manager for PuTTY which provides tabbed management of multiple PuTTY instances under a single Graphical User Interface.

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It is an advanced sms client and utilises the tftp.exe executable file for MS SMS process. It constantly looks for updates and patches for the SMS service and is usually deployed by the system administrator for monitoring the network. The process is also used to deploy push applications and to call upon other host agent. Ccmexec.exe is a verified Microsoft Agent and should not be terminated if you are using a office machine or your system is running on a corporate network.

ccmexec.exe Location

This program is located under CCM sub directory of the Root folder. The Exact path is: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\CcmExec.exe Continue reading

OSSEC Windows, Ubuntu and Linux

OSSEC is an open source security program that checks for vulnerability and keeps guard from intrusions. The ability to thoroughly analyse the log files and keep a check at real time changes to the system integrals is what makes it a reliable program. The best feature is the ability to work across multiple platforms including windows and Linux. Another added advantage is that it can centrally manage multiple systems running different operating systems. The developer Daniel B. Cid publicly introduced it to the world wide web on may 2004.

The ability to manage such huge network and perform real time scanning is what makes it more favoured by online transacting companies. They need higher level of security and most importantly keep a constant check on all the systems for any major changes which can promote loopholes in the end. Continue reading

SecureCRT – Features and Download

SecureCRT is a commercial Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet client and terminal emulator developed by VanDyke Software. When SecureCRT was orginally developed, it was compatible only with Windows, but recent developments have made it compatible with Mac OS X and Linux too. SecureCRT provides secure remote access, file transfer and data tunneling with strong encryption. It allows users to access their full array of network device via several protocols (SSH1, SSH2, Telnet/SSL). Continue reading