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UIF2ISO decompressor

What is a UIF File and How to Open/Mount it?

UIF (Universal Image Format) is an image extension format patented by MagicISO for creating compressed image files. This is a very rarely used file format and cannot be mounted directly by any third party applications.

How to open UIF file?

You can open UIF file using 2 methods:

  1. Use MagicISO to open file directly
  2. Convert UIF to ISO and then mount the ISO file to image drive Continue reading

Configure AOL Webmail as Default Mailer for Windows 7

If you have an AOLwebmail account and have been wondering how to effectively manage it for Windows 7, you have come to the right place. This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to Login your AOL account.

Make AOL Default Mail in Windows 7

The best program to manage default mail under windows environment is MailTo.exe but it is limited to configure Gmail accounts only. Other accounts such as yahoo, Hotmail and AOL are not supported.

You will have to use a very simple tool called GmailDefaultMaker to change the Windows default mail service and Sign in to the aol mail server. This opensource tool is ad-ware free and you will be able to configure windows mail services in just a few steps. Continue reading


If you are having trouble finding the best suitable emulator for your joystick, you might want to check out xpadder for this problem. It has been in the market for the last five years and has an unmatched efficiency as compared to its other competitors. If you are new to this application you can go through this article for the bigger picture.

xpadder versions

The program was initially launched as a shareware. Later on with its huge success and demand for better functionality, the developer decided to tag its price. Following are the available versions in chronological order Рv5, v5.3, v5.4, v5.6, v5.7 and v5.9. Continue reading

Fix iTunes Error 3194 in iPhone

Apple is famous for its hassle free code execution which has been the very basic code of conduct laid by the legend, Steve Jobs.  Hence there are less bugs and vulnerabilities in the system. Still there are some common base line unknown errors which have not been rectified in the later versions.
One of such errors is the 3194 restore error. It has been there since iPhone 3gs and now it still bugs up the latest iPhone version 4. In this article we will see how we can fix 3194 error. Continue reading

Turn off UAC – Windows Vista, Win 7 and Windows Server 2008 (R2)

UAC is an accronym for User Account Control and its has been induced to the windows version from Vista. This has been retained in the windows seven version and server 2008. The best thing about UAC is that, it moderates any executable programs which seeks to make a major change in your system. A pop up message is triggered and you are required to authenticate permission so that the program can run. This steps stops many mailicious programs and software to automatically trigger events and cause mutiple damage in few hits. Continue reading