Configure AOL Webmail as Default Mailer for Windows 7

If you have an AOLwebmail account and have been wondering how to effectively manage it for Windows 7, you have come to the right place. This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to Login your AOL account.

Make AOL Default Mail in Windows 7

The best program to manage default mail under windows environment is MailTo.exe but it is limited to configure Gmail accounts only. Other accounts such as yahoo, Hotmail and AOL are not supported.

You will have to use a very simple tool called GmailDefaultMaker to change the Windows default mail service and Sign in to the aol mail server. This opensource tool is ad-ware free and you will be able to configure windows mail services in just a few steps.

Change Default Windows Mail Settings

You can configure Windows Email services manually from the control panel and set it to any mail client. But you will be asked to provide correct server configurations which might be confusing. With this simple instruction you can change the Windows 7 default web-mailĀ settings to AOL easily –

  1. Download and Run GmailDefaultMaker
  2. Select Your “Installation Language”
  3. Press “Yes” on the message box
  4. Press “Next” Again
  5. Accept “license terms”
  6. Set “Installation directory”
  7. Select “AOL” from the List
  8. Wait till the installation is completed
  9. Restart your computerAOLwebmail Image

You can refer this video for complete guidance on Installation and Configuration Management.