CryptNetUrlCache Folder

What is CryptNetUrlCache?

It is a part of the CryptoAPI certificate validation check done in Windows Operating Systems. It lists all the blocked servers which do not work with ethics of the Windows Integrated Authentication. There are two folders “Metadata” and “Content” which logs the websites that has been checked once for such authentication. Hence, next time IE tries to connect to such sites it will not check for validation criteria, thereby increasing the load time of the page.

CryptNetUrlCache Folder Names

There are two main sub folders inside the CryptNetUrlCache. They are responsible for keeping a note of all the data associated with the validation procedure.


It stores all the content path and url of the wesbites that has been validated by Windows CryptoAPI


It stores all other inforamtion related to the validated websites.

Note: There are some subfolder as well which are generated with different names depending on the runtime deployment.

CryptNetUrlCache Delete

It is strongly advisable not to delete CryptNetUrlCache folder or any of  its content as this will slow up your browsing experience. Deleting cache will only help you get rid of the stored data which will auto generate again while accessing such sites.

CryptNetUrlCache Contents

While trying to edit the contents inside the CryptNetUrlCache folder with an hex edtior we found that it contains log of websites and their sub domains. The verified and the authenticated websites are hence not checked while trying to reconnect with the server everytime a request is generated.

CryptNetUrlCache Microsoft Explanation

Microsoft has provided a complete documentation about the working principle of this program.

CryptNetUrlCache and Roaming profiles

It has been found that whenever any temporary data is erased related to cryptnet url cache, there arises a problem with romaing profiles (if any) used in the operating system. Actually this is not due to the temporary purge of data but because of some third party applications which conflicts with the roaming profiles and the cryptnet urlacache as well. Removing such third party programs can help you get rid of the errors associated with the roaming profiles.

If you are having some other problems with this folder you can post it up in our comment section. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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