Fix Certificate Error: navigation blocked in IE

Certificate error and the navigation being blocked in internet explorer is one of the common heriditary disease which Microsoft fails to check each time a new version is rolled out. This certificate error was visible from internet explorer version 7 to ie9. This trademark behavior of the Microsoft has compelled the users to shift to other browsers which always keeps clearing out the old bugs in their new versions.

Repair certificate error: navigation blocked

Different versions of IE requires different steps to fix this error. Here are the steps for the different versions of IE which may help you get rid of this problem.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

You need to follow these simple steps to repair this navigation blocked error:

  1. Double click IE7 on windows desktop
  2. Go to “Options” and select “Tools”
  3. Select “Advanced” from the drop down menu.
  4. Now just browse to the bottom and find “Security” settings
  5. Turn Off the certificate checking options
  6. Also select “Warn about certificate address mismatch”
  7. Select “Apply” and then press “OK”
  8. Restart Internet explorer to apply the changes

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Certificate error navigation is sometimes blocked for ie8 as well, you simply need to upgrade to the latest version of internet explorer to get rid of this error. Just follow these simple steps to upgrade to the latest version:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on this official Update link
  3. Follow on screen instructions to update the explorer

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Windows 7 and Internet explorer 9 works fine but there are some old time errors which are still visible in this new version as well. The certificate error for this version has been heavily critisized by developers and this is how you can get past this restriction –

  • If you have recently installed a new antivirus disable the firewall and check again
  • Run an online virus scan to check for Malware and virus
  • You will have to remove the certificate manually. Instructions are provided below.

Remove certificate error IE9

Just follow these simple steps to remove the certificates from the Internet Explorer database:

  1. Open IE 9
  2. Select “Tools” and then select “Internet Options”
  3. Select Certificates from the Content Menu
  4. Remove the certificates which are causing the problem
  5. Restart Explorer and Windows and check once again
  6. If you still have the same problem go to certificate tab and delete all files there.
  7. Skip if prompted and try again
  8. Restart browser and check again

You can also check the help page of the Official Microsoft Support for this problem.