How to Repair corrupt sprtcmd.exe startup Error

What is sprtcmd.exe?

sprtcmd.exe imageSprtmd.exe process belongs to Dell Corporation. It is a simple support file which runs on incognito mode and continuously check for system updates both critical and normal. It can effectively manage Windows updates for Dell software and applications. It can also scan for updated drivers and patches which has been released recently.

Is sprtcmd.exe a virus?

No, it is an update file from Dell. It is a verified digitally signed process and is required by your system to stay updated. It automatically scans and download updates files which keeps your system up to date and help you stay protected from virus and worms.

Common Error Messages

Some of the common errors which show up related to this process file are –

sprtcmd.exe – .NET Framework Initialization Error
Sprtcmd.exe – Entry point not found
End program sprtcmd.exe
sprtcmd.exe error bad image or corrupt file

sprtcmd.exe Location

X:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin, where X is the Windows Installation directory.

Remove corrupt sprtcmd.exe from startup

Sometimes, it might happen that the file has been patched by another third party program which can make the file corrupt. This will cause some serious problem in the long run. If you are shown an error message every time you restart your system, it must have been added up to the startup list of the Windows configuration panel. This is what you need to do to remove sprtcmd from startup:

  1. Press Win + R key
  2. Write “msconfig” without quotes and press Enter
  3. Browse to the startup tab
  4. Find sprtcmd.exe (OR dsca) and uncheck the checkbox beside it
  5. Press Apply –> OK
  6. Restart your system

Solve sprtcmd.exe .net framework error

Dot net framework error for this file is generally encountered with version 4.0. If you uninstall the v4.0 framework this error will not be visible again, but this will result in non functioning of programs which require Dot net version 4.0. So you can try these steps for more accurate troubleshooting process without removing the dot net framework:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go to Add or Remove Programs
  3. Find Dell Update and select Uninstall
  4. Now Search for Ccleaner and download it
  5. Run Ccleaner and find the registry tab
  6. Select Analyse registry
  7. Now take a back up of registry before cleaning
  8. Select Fix all Errors
  9. Restart your Computer
  10. Go to Dell Official website
  11. Download Dell Support Program
  12. And Install it again.

This should solve your problem as this has been a technical issue with the official Dell update files and dependencies.