What is mccicmservice.exe?

It is a verified process from the Alcatel-Lucent company, a brand name for Motive Communications Inc. telecommunication devices and services. If you have installed AT&T, FlexFx, Adobe AIR or BT Wireless device this process could have been installed with the main program.

mccicmservice.exe Location

You can find this process located under the following location in Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP:

C:\programs\common files\motive\
C:\program files\common files\motive\ Continue reading

Configure AOL Webmail as Default Mailer for Windows 7

If you have an AOLwebmail account and have been wondering how to effectively manage it for Windows 7, you have come to the right place. This is a simple step by step tutorial on how to Login your AOL account.

Make AOL Default Mail in Windows 7

The best program to manage default mail under windows environment is MailTo.exe but it is limited to configure Gmail accounts only. Other accounts such as yahoo, Hotmail and AOL are not supported.

You will have to use a very simple tool called GmailDefaultMaker to change the Windows default mail service and Sign in to the aol mail server. This opensource tool is ad-ware free and you will be able to configure windows mail services in just a few steps. Continue reading


The Windows community has always had the worst impression about the Norton Antivirus products due to the reported high RAM and high CPU usage of the software. The ccsvchst.exe is one of such process from the software manufacturer that does no good to its reputation.

What is ccsvchst.exe process?

ccsvchst.exe Norton imageCcsvchst is one the thread processes of the Norton Antivirus. The core functioning of this process is to check for updates and monitor them continuously so that the antivirus application runs effectively. It is called automatically every time you start your system and if you do not have a plug and play Internet connection you might witness slow performance of your system during startup. Continue reading

How to Repair corrupt sprtcmd.exe startup Error

What is sprtcmd.exe?

sprtcmd.exe imageSprtmd.exe process belongs to Dell Corporation. It is a simple support file which runs on incognito mode and continuously check for system updates both critical and normal. It can effectively manage Windows updates for Dell software and applications. It can also scan for updated drivers and patches which has been released recently.

Is sprtcmd.exe a virus?

No, it is an update file from Dell. It is a verified digitally signed process and is required by your system to stay updated. It automatically scans and download updates files which keeps your system up to date and help you stay protected from virus and worms. Continue reading

Fix Certificate Error: navigation blocked in IE

Certificate error and the navigation being blocked in internet explorer is one of the common heriditary disease which Microsoft fails to check each time a new version is rolled out. This certificate error was visible from internet explorer version 7 to ie9. This trademarkĀ behaviorĀ of the Microsoft has compelled the users to shift to other browsers which always keeps clearing out the old bugs in their new versions.
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