PuTTY Connection Manager – How to Use, Download and Alternatives

What is PuTTY connection manager?

It is a free to use add-on client for Windows platform to easily administer numerous PuTTY instance. As the name suggests, it is a utility manager for PuTTY which provides tabbed management of multiple PuTTY instances under a single Graphical User Interface.


These are some of the most important features of this app:

  1. Docked Window and Interface Tab
  2. Multiple GUI customization option
  3. Auto Login Added
  4. Launch Quick Session with Quick Connect
  5. Install or direct play option
  6. Import or Export connection using XML format
  7. Encrypted connection configuration settings
  8. Free to use and download

How to Configure PuTTY connection Manager?

Follow these simple steps to easily configure this add on.

  1. Download and Install PuTTY
  2. Run PuTTY Connection Manger
  3. Browse to the PuTTY program when prompted for location
  4. Select File and then press New and then again select Database
  5. Provide a new name for this database file
  6. Again select the file from the Menu and then New. Thereafter, select Connection
  7. Provide a connection name and the corresponding Remote machine name
  8. Now press the Enable Login Macro Mode check box.
  9. From the left panel find and select Login Macro
  10. Now Provide the Auto connect credentials – Username /password
  11. Press the Apply Button and then Ok
  12. Select SSH or TELNET when prompted for a destination folder (Connection dependent)

Keyboard Shortcuts from PuTTY Connection Manager

Here is a complete list of short cut key combinations available for this program:

Keyboard Keys Action
Control + S Save Current Connection database
Control +U Duplicate currently opened Tab
Control + C Copy Items from the selection
Control + R Rename Currently select TAB
Control + X Cut or Move Items from the selection
F11 Toggle Full screen mode
F4 Rename selected Item
F3 Switch back to Connection manager
SHIFT , ALT Toggle between Connection Manger and Tabs
Control + V Paste the copied or moved Items
Delete Delete an Item
F2 Jump to Quick Connection Toolbar
SHIFT + Right Jump to Next TAB
SHIFT + Left Jump to Previous TAB

Note: You can also edit or create a new shortcut using the New Shortcut option available in the Hotkeys tab available in the Options panel.

Common Errors and Troubleshooting

In most cases, the PuTTY Connection Manager has been found to fail to switch back to the desktop interface from the toolbar mode. You just need to press the ALT + TAB keys to toggle it.

Download PuTTY Connection Manger

You can download this freeware add-on from Google Code project page. If you are looking for the complete program, you can get it by following this link.

The latest version supports all Windows operating systems including Windows XP, VISTA, Win 7 and Server 2008. Windows 8 is still under scanner.

PuTTY Connection Manager Alternatives

Some of the widely used alternative programs are –

  • mRemoteNG
  • Remote Desktop Manger
  • Gnome Connection Manager
  • csshX

Using this program help you utilize the full power of PuTTY application. If you face any problem installing or managing this program you can always remove the add-on connection manager and re-install it again without affecting the main PuTTY program.