SecureCRT – Features and Download

SecureCRT is a commercial Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet client and terminal emulator developed by VanDyke Software. When SecureCRT was orginally developed, it was compatible only with Windows, but recent developments have made it compatible with Mac OS X and Linux too. SecureCRT provides secure remote access, file transfer and data tunneling with strong encryption. It allows users to access their full array of network device via several protocols (SSH1, SSH2, Telnet/SSL).

Vandyk SecureCRT Features

Here are some of the features of this terminal emulator:

  • Extensive support for various protocols
  • Graphical UI with configurable sessions and tab support
  • Support for a large number of ciphers
  • Scripting support using VB Script and Python
  • Advanced terminal emulation capabilities

SecureCRT Software Compatibility

SecureCRT runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. The software also runs on Windows Server series of operating system and VanDyke has also released version of the software compatible with Mac OS X and Linux.

SecureCRT VBScript

If you are looking forward to use VBScript for the first time in SecureCRT you need to follow certain guidelines. Users can get detailed information about SecureCRT VBScript from here.

This secureCRT manual will help you to get more work done in less time.

SecureCRT For Linux

In February 2011, VanDyke came up with beta version of SecureCRT for Linux and in the same year, the Linux release of the software was finalized. Secure CRT for Linux has the same strengths which the software has for Windows. The software for Linux boasts of the following features:

  • Robust Security
  • Powerful Session Management
  • High-productive interface
  • Time Saving automation tools

SecureCRT Commands

Here are some useful commands which comes in handy while using Secure CRT

  • cd: It stands for Change directory. If you want to see a directory higher up in the hierarchy then follow the command with the name of the directory or by “.”
  • ls-al: This commands lists all the contents present in the current directory
  • rm: This command is used to remove any file.
  • mkdir: This commands stands for Make Directory.
  • exit: This command is used to log out of your current SecureCRT session
  • rmdir: If you want to remove any directory then you need to use this command

Portable SecureCRT

In order to run SecrureCRT from a portable device such as a Pen drive, one needs to install it manually. This involves copying the software to the flash drive, creating a license key file for registration and then setting up a shortcut to the new installation.

SecureCRT Tutorial For Installation

  • First of all users need to download SecureCRT
  • Execute the downloaded file by double clicking and then the following-pop up window will appearPictures of Secure CRT Installation
  • Click Run
  • Accept The License Agreement
  • Select Profile Option
  • Select Complete Installation
  • Select Icon Options
  • Click Install
  • Click Finish to complete installation

SecureCRT Multi-Session Login Script

For multi-session login script, click here

SecureCRT Export Sessions

In order to export sessions using SecureCRT software, you need to follow these basic steps:-
  • Locate: Users need to determine their configuration folder location
  • Backup: They need to copy the contents of their configuration folder to a backup location
  • Restore: Then users need to copy the contents of a backup to their desired location where they want to export sessions.

SecureCRT Download

Users can download a free 30 day trial of the software by clicking here. The latest version of the software is 6.7.4. However, users can download old versions  from third party sites which provide free download.

SecureCRT License Key

After 30 days, they need to upgrade the software for which a certain amount is charged. During upgrading they need to enter a licence/serial key.

The software has been developed in New Mexico and hence it is subjected to US export restrictions.