Taskeng.exe (Vista & Windows 7) – Infected by Blackbox Virus and Popup Problem

What is taskeng.exe?

This process has been a very recent addition to the Windows operating system starting from Vista. This process is not to be confused with the taskmgr.exe process in the taskmanager.So what is taskeng.exe doing in task manager then? It has been entrusted with the responsibility to keep a track and execute a pre scheduled task or set of tasks at a pre determined time. It can also auto invoke some tasks when required.

Is taskeng.exe a Virus?

By default this process is made to execute pre scheduled task, and is a valid Operating System process. But sometimes this process may be misused as a confusion to run a back door virus or malware process. Some of the virus that forges this process has been found to be:

  • ntvdm.exe
  • blackbox.exe

They disguise themselves with the same name as taskeng.exe and spread out the infection. Most of them (I mean the virus) were found to be placed inside “My Documents” Folder. Also it was found that many of the requests were sent to this IP address []. Alureon.H Virus is also found to be requesting the same IP address. There is a high probability that it is a variant of either of the two mentioned above. So if you have a pop up saying that your taskeng.exe is infected, you just need to find the file in the task manager – Right click it and go to process – End Process tree.

Taskeng.exe Vista and Windows 7

So you think it’s a virus and you have searched everywhere and still you are unable to find the answer. Need not worry about this process if you are running Windows Vista or windows 7 coz this process has been officially implement into the Operating system in order to manage and invoke scheduled tasks.

But if you have Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 RC1 or RC2 candidate with Nvidia graphics card installed, you might get some huge lists of taskeng.exe running on your task manager. Also the same problem has been found when you have updated your Windows OS with two or more sound schemes. The system is unable to set any of the schemes as default and hence shuts down with error message and when you restart it, you start getting irritating multiple instances of taskeng process.

Now in order to get rid of this bug just run a clean update again and this problem will disappear as Microsoft have corrected this problem and now it is found no more in any of the two operating system versions.

N.B: This Solution only works if your OS in not infected: if it is, then Read below.

Taskeng.exe is Infected Pop up

If you are reading this paragraph, this means that you are a victim of this forged process. This infection can be tackled easily if it’s a virus rather than the bug which Microsoft fixed. I have properly (which I guess should help you out) provided step by step detailed troubleshooting procedure below.

  • To be sure you are infected: just check that you have the original file in the root folder of your operating system. The path is “C:\Windows\System32”. If it is there the virus is just using the name of this file and no other harm has been done.
  • Press Ctr + Alt + Del, the task manager will open up. Now go to the processes tab. Find Taskeng.exe, right click it and select End Process tree. [This step will kill all the instance of the taskeng.exe process ]
  • Now Type “msconfig” in run command and brose to the second last tab of the opened window selecting “Startup”. From there just find any exe which has got some arbitrary name such as “uytegrt.exe, asdfg.exe, huikjl.exe” and uncheck the tick mark against it. Select Apply —- OK. [This Step will remove the virus from the startup]
  • Select “Restart Now”.

Still if you are unable to get rid of it with the above mentioned help, Feel free to contact me at my mentioned contact page with exact problem.

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  1. Rob

    Hi thanks for this.

    On my pc i have a warning box, with taskeng.exe is infected. It says to activate antivirus software. However, my computer is frozen and I am afraid to restart.

    EG ctrl alt delete does not work, mouse wont move.

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks Rob

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