UIF2ISO decompressor

What is a UIF File and How to Open/Mount it?

UIF (Universal Image Format) is an image extension format patented by MagicISO for creating compressed image files. This is a very rarely used file format and cannot be mounted directly by any third party applications.

How to open UIF file?

You can open UIF file using 2 methods:

  1. Use MagicISO to open file directly
  2. Convert UIF to ISO and then mount the ISO file to image drive

Opening UIF file using MagicISO

This application is not a freeware and you have to pay to get the full features. The demo version does not support editing and decompressing UIF files and has a very limited functionality. To get the full version you can buy this product directly from the developer website. After you have successfully received the licence code you can edit the UIF files directly by following these steps:

  1. Open MagicISO
  2. Click on the file tab on the menu bar
  3. Select browse
  4. Browse to the UIF image location
  5. Now you can edit and modify content directly

Convert UIF to ISO using MagicISO

If you want to convert UIF file to ISO standard image format, you can easily do it using the decompresser option available in the paid version of MagicISO application.

  1. Download MagicISO
  2. Run the Program
  3. Click on the Tools tab
  4. Select “Decompress UIF Image”
  5. Select the source when prompted UIF2ISO decompressor
  6. Wait till the file is converted to standard ISO format
  7. Download and Install Win-RAR from RAR labs
  8. Now right click the ISO file and select “Open With”
  9. Select “Choose Default Program” tab
  10. Select “Winarar” and you are done
  11. Extract the files or edit them as you wish

Download MagicISO

You can Download the trial version to check out performance and features.

Free Programs to Open UIF File

As mentioned earlier, UIF files are protected image extensions and no third party application can edit them directly. You will have to convert this file to standard image formats and then you can open, edit or modify them. UIF2ISO is one such free tool which can help your problem.

Convert UIF to ISO using UIF2ISO Converter

UIF2ISO is a command line tool which can easily decompress UIF file format within a few minutes. This program works with both Windows and Mac systems. You can download them from the official site as per your operating System and follow these steps to decompress the downloaded UIF files.

UIF2ISO Mac image

  1. Download and Install UIF2ISO
  2. Provide the path of file in the command prompt (Ex: D://xyz.uif)
  3. Select the destination folder and name for the converted file
  4. Wait till the conversion is complete
  5. Now you can burn this image to disk or use 7zip to view and Edit contents.

If you convert this file extension to ISO, you can mount using Daemon tools lite and other free mount programs, but you cannot edit them while they are mounted.

You can download UIF2ISO program from Altervista website. This is a free application and you need not pay anything for downloading this program.
UIF files are mostly used by WAREZ sites which share illegal files and games across P2P channel. IF you have download this file from such resources there is a high chance that this file is carrying a virus of malicious code. Do remember to scan the files after you convert it to ISO format and then open and edit it. If you are still unable to convert this file you can ask for help in the comment section.