What is ati2evxx.exe doing in my System?

What is ati2evxx.exe?

It is a third party program from ATI technologies INC and is responsible for managing External Event Utility features for Windows 9X and NT.

ati2evxx.exe image

Is ati2evxx.exe a virus?

No, it is definitely not a virus but sure acts like one. With not much information available for this file one can easily confuse it with a virus or some other malware program. This is a digitally verified executable process from the ATI technologies and should not be deleted.

Common Errors Related to ati2evxx.exe

Following are some of the common errors related to this ATI process –

  1. Two Instances of ati2evxx.exe running under Task Manager
  2. ati2evxx.exe Application Error
  3. ati2evxx.exe memory Could not be read
  4. ati2evxx.exe memory could not be written

ati2evxx.exe causing Memory Problems

This file is not usually found to result in system problems in Windows. However, if you have made some unprecedented changes to the ATI graphics, an issue for excessive memory usage might arise. You can try the following two options to fix this situation –

  1. Uninstall all current ATI drivers and then restart your computer. Reinstall each of them once more and then check the situation again. This method usually fixes up all major memory issues with this process.
  2. If you are still unable to fix the memory leak, you can try terminating the process from the task manager forcefully. This is how you can do it –
    1. Press Ctr + Alt + Del
    2. Select Process Tab from the task manager
    3. Find ati2evxx.exe and right click it to select “End Process Tree”
    4. Exit Task Manager

How to disable ati2evxx.exe from Startup?

You cannot disable this process from the System configuration Utility Tool. It is not added to the start-up list and you will not find it there. You have to remove the associated service which involves starting this process from the Computer Management panel. This is how you can stop the service –


  1. Press Ctr + Alt + Del and select the process tab
  2. Find ati2evxx.exe from the list and right click it.
  3. Select End process Tree
  4. Now Click on Start button and Right click on My Computer
  5. Select Manage option from the list
  6. Now select “Services and Application” from the Computer Management Window
  7. Now select Services from the right panel again
  8. From the list of programs find – “ATI External Event Utility”
  9. Right click the service and select properties
  10. Now select Startup type as Disabled from the General Tab
  11. Press OK and exit Computer Management Window

This will permanently disable the process from automatically starting every time you restart your windows. If your graphics card is unable to play any games after applying these changes you can revert back to Step 10 and select Manual option from the drop down and restart your computer.

Download ati2evxx.exe

You should not download this process individually from third party websites or torrent. Most of them are infected and will totally compromise up your system. If you want to retain this process you can run the OEM installer CD/DVD which came with your PC or Notebook.
If you are still stuck with any problems related to this ATI process you can ask our experts in the comment section. We are always here to help you out.