, and Facebook Scam

Beware of a recent scam which is circulating Facebook., Yourbizbegin and are Facebook viruses which shows the following message on the Facebook news feed.
… made $139 today working online! u guys have to check out to get started too!

Your Facebook account details are at risk of being hacked if you sign up for anything on or You are recommended to change your password immediately if you have signed up.

When you access, it attempts to trick users into thinking that the website is genuine by using fake promotions like “As Seen on: ABC, AOL and CNN”

It also asks you to purchase a product called ‘Easy Google Profit’. This is a legit product however you are only helping the scammers spread more viruses by purchasing any products from that website. Facebook Scam
Remember people. There is no such thing as easy money making. Always check the authenticity of online money making programs. This is all from experience.

31 thoughts on “, and Facebook Scam

  1. Meg

    I logged onto my facebook today with this message as my status. I hadn't clicked anything, downloaded anything, and embarrassingly enough was playing on neopets at the time. It says it's from mobile internet, but my phone was in my purse at the time. I've scanned for viruses, but now my facebook tells me it can't get my chat history and made me do a security check. I have changed my passowrd, but will my facebook continue to be screwed up? And was I just a random target?

  2. Ferari

    Omg thanx u so much for postin this… I saw this on my sisters page and almost got sucked in… I’m definitely more aware of spams.

  3. Tee

    yeah my friend has been having this status a couple of times now so I came here to what it was all about cz it seemed a bit dodgy….
    Thanks :)

  4. Richard

    So, how do we get rid of this? My friend has this message reappearing on her facebook status even after changing her password. Is this a virus or an account violation? If anyone can advise us of what to do that would be great.

  5. fay

    i was wondering why my status had changed 5times in 4 days.. figured it was a scam though and told friends to stay clear. changed my password now, will that stop it!?

    1. HKACTIVITY.COM Post author

      it should do the trick. If your status still changes then scan your computer with a spyware removal program (malwarebytes or superantispyware are good free ones). There might be a possibility of a virus affecting your facebook status.

  6. Guest

    This link was posted on my facebook page as well right after I had signed on to FB off of my cell phone.

  7. jimmy

    yeah actually checked the website out looks totally legit but as u said theres no easy way to make money. cheers

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