It is an advanced sms client and utilises the tftp.exe executable file for MS SMS process. It constantly looks for updates and patches for the SMS service and is usually deployed by the system administrator for monitoring the network. The process is also used to deploy push applications and to call upon other host agent. Ccmexec.exe is a verified Microsoft Agent and should not be terminated if you are using a office machine or your system is running on a corporate network.

ccmexec.exe Location

This program is located under CCM sub directory of the Root folder. The Exact path is: C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\CcmExec.exe

ccmexec.exe error Message

Some of the common error message which are associated with ccmexec.exe are:

  1. ccmexec.exe application error the instruction at referenced memory at The memory could not be written Click on OK to terminate the program
  2. ccmexec.exe blocked by access protection rule

ccmexec.exe high CPU usage

If your system is showing 100 percent CPU usage for this process you should contact your system administrator immediately and ask him to fix this problem. But if you are getting this message on your Home PC or notebook there are high chances that you have been infected with a forged virus or malware with the same name.

ccmexec.exe and McAfee conflict

McAfee had some issues with this process as this invokes push installation on your system. The conflict is triggered by access protection rule of the McAfee algorithm. In order to solve this problem you will have to make a rule in the Antivirus Engine.

  1. Select Start and then click Programs
  2. Select McAfee and then Virus Console
  3. Click om Access Protection and then select the Common Standard Protection tab
  4. Now again select the Prevent termination of McAfee processes
  5. Below the Process to Exclude browse to the bottom of the list
  6. Edit and enter ccmexec.exe and then select OK
  7. Select OK and wait for a few seconds to auto close “Access Protection Window”
  8. Exit the Virus Console.

How to repair ccmexec.exe?

In order to repair this process you can will have to stop and restart the services associated with this program. You need to start the SMS Agent Host process manually to repair this error:

  1. Type “Services.msc” in the Run command
  2. Find the service associated with SMS Agent
  3. Double click on the service
  4. From the general Tab click the START button
  5. Exit Service manager and now check for the error

Uninstall or Remove ccmexec.exe

You cannot un-install or remove this process from your system as it is a system process. Removing or deleting this program may adversely affect your Windows working and this might crash your System as well. You can refer to the Repair tab to troubleshoot this problem. Please refer to this Microsoft KB article for exact understanding.