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What is GMER?

GMER is a quick and easy Rootkit detector and remover for Windows operating system. This anti rootkit application has an additional scanner support which can make your task faster and easier. GMER - Anti Rootkit Scanner image GMER helps to solve BSOD crashes and overcome Blue screen problems by successfully scanning your entire PC and removing malicious processes and Root kits. Continue reading

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Pum.disabled.securitycenter – Virus or False Positive

What is pum.disabled.securitycenter?

It is an acronym for Potentially Unwanted Modifications security centre disabled message. It is a very rare warning message shown by Malwarebytes, although it has nothing to do with virus or other malicious program.

What is Reason for this error?

The reason for this error is simple – The Windows Firewall settings have been modified and it will not notify you about which program is currently managing this aspect.

pum disabled security center image

Is this a Virus Alert?

No. In most cases it is found to arise during conflicting situations where users have installed 2 or more Antivirus program. Either of the programs feel the other one to be managing the Firewall settings. In reality, however, the Windows Notification for Firewall management is found to be turned off. Hence, no Firewall is activated for the system.

How to fix this problem?

You should never keep 2 or more Antivirus program at once. This is what you need to do –

  1. Uninstall any of the Antivirus Programs
  2. Restart your Computer
  3. Now Press Start — > Control Panel
  4. Go to All Control Panel Items — >Windows Firewall
  5. Select the “Turn Windows Firewall On/Off”
  6. Select “Turn On Firewall”
  7. Also select “Notify Me”
  8. Press Ok
  9. Restart your computer

Now run the Malwarebytes again. You should not get any error messages now.

If you are still unable to fix this problem you can ask for help by using the comment section.

PuTTY Connection Manager – How to Use, Download and Alternatives

What is PuTTY connection manager?

It is a free to use add-on client for Windows platform to easily administer numerous PuTTY instance. As the name suggests, it is a utility manager for PuTTY which provides tabbed management of multiple PuTTY instances under a single Graphical User Interface.

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What is ati2evxx.exe doing in my System?

What is ati2evxx.exe?

It is a third party program from ATI technologies INC and is responsible for managing External Event Utility features for Windows 9X and NT.

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Is ati2evxx.exe a virus?

No, it is definitely not a virus but sure acts like one. With not much information available for this file one can easily confuse it with a virus or some other malware program. This is a digitally verified executable process from the ATI technologies and should not be deleted. Continue reading

What is SysWoW64 Folder?

SysWoW64 is a system directory of Windows 64 based Operating Systems. The main feature of this subsystem is to run 32 bit application and programs in compatibility mode with 64bit environment.

SysWoW64 system32 is bundled with all Windows 64 bit versions including Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2003. It is also an optional component for Windows Server 2008 release 2 core. The main reason for creating this component is to efficiently manage the differences which arise between 32-64 bit structural changes. Continue reading