What is mccicmservice.exe?

It is a verified process from the Alcatel-Lucent company, a brand name for Motive Communications Inc. telecommunication devices and services. If you have installed AT&T, FlexFx, Adobe AIR or BT Wireless device this process could have been installed with the main program.

mccicmservice.exe Location

You can find this process located under the following location in Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP:

C:\programs\common files\motive\
C:\program files\common files\motive\

Is mccicmservice.exe a Virus?

No, it is definitely not a virus but users have sure complained about the virus variants, which forges the name of this process to spread infection. The only way you can be sure about this process being a malicious one is to check its default location and verify manufacturer name. If anything seems suspicious – Run a Full Scan of your System with an updated Antivirus.

Disable mccicmservice service From Startup

It is not advisable to disable this process. This process is an important part of the connectivity settings. If you modify the start-up settings of this process, you might not be able to connect to your network.

Still if you are sure that this file is of no use to your system you can immediately remove this process by following this simple steps:

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Find the following processes and End Process tree
  3. BTHelpNotifier.exe
  4. McciServiceHost.exe
  5. McciTrayApp.exe
  6. Again Open Msconfig Startup tab
  7. Find the same process name and disable them
  8. Select Exit Without Restart

Disable mccicmservice services

In order to disable the services you can follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to Start
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Now Select Administrative Tools
  4. Find and Select Services
  5. Find McciCMService.exe
  6. Double click to open the property tab
  7. Select Disable
  8. Pres OK and Exit
  9. Restart You System

mccicmservice.exe Removal Tool

There is no one click tools which can help you remove this process. You must follow the manual instructions and rollback the changes if any problem arises. Do NOT download and install third party tools which promises to solve your problem immediately. They might be patched with malicious code which can compromise and harm your system.

If you are facing any other problems associated with this service you can ask for solution in the comment section. Our large user base might be able to help you out in no time.