What is SysWoW64 Folder?

SysWoW64 is a system directory of Windows 64 based Operating Systems. The main feature of this subsystem is to run 32 bit application and programs in compatibility mode with 64bit environment.

SysWoW64 system32 is bundled with all Windows 64 bit versions including Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2003. It is also an optional component for Windows Server 2008 release 2 core. The main reason for creating this component is to efficiently manage the differences which arise between 32-64 bit structural changes.

Library Translation

SysWoW64 subsystem component constitutes light compatibility layer which has almost similar interface as that of all 64 bit based Windows models. This subsystem aims at creating a virtual simulation which can help run 32 bit programs on a 64 bit Operating System. Practically, it is implemented with the help of 3 DLL files viz – WoW64.dll, WoW64win.dll and WoW64cpu.dll

Is syswow64 a virus?

No SysWoW64 is not a virus. It is a system folder. Syswow64 is listed with Microsoft Corporation and is licensed with 64 bit Operating Systems.

Common Errors Associated with SysWoW64

Although there can be many errors associated with this sub-directory and interdependent file, the most common errors that you may encounter are mentioned below: (Some of them are usually triggered due to 3rd party apps and needs to be corrected for the application itself. This has nothing to do with misplacement or file path of SYSWOW64 directory)

  1. WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\WBEM\WNIPRVSE.EXE Unauthorized Access Blocked
  2. ERROR #132 SysWoW64 crashed
  3. SysWow64.DisableFsRedirection()
  4. SysWoW Error Mac
  5. SysWoW64 rundll32 error
  6. windows syswow64 rundll32.exe error

Windows 7 Support for SysWoW64

Windows 7 works quite good with SysWoW64 emulation. It can easily run 32 bit interface under the 64 bit environment without any problem. The only problem seems to be visible is while rendering HD games which uses this feature once in a while. If you are having any problems related with this file for gaming applications, kindly consult the game help section for troubleshooting and support.

System32 and SysWoW64

Many people find that the registry of SysWow64 is incorrectly being shown under system32 registry keys in windows vista and 7. This is not a problem for majority of application but this can be a problem with new application which has not followed the MSDN guidelines. Under such condition one might have to edit the path to set the function execution correctly.

SysWoW64 odbc

odbc sometimes create problem under 64 bit editions. This is a common error and you simply need to upgrade the software which is creating the problem. Almost all standard application release a patch file for solving this problem but if your software has no support included for SysWoW64 odbc error you will have to contact the developer or the support forum for the software.
If you are facing any problems with this directory, you can ask for help in the comment section.