wmpnetwk.exe – Disable and Fix High CPU Usage Error Windows 7

What is wmpnetwk.exe?

wmpnetwk.exe is an internal system process that is responsible for connecting the windows media player to the external network.Now many of you might think of it as an unnecessary process which is consuming your system resources, but it is not. You might need wmpnetwk, if you want to stream your music across the internet.

Wmpnetwk.exe windows 7

So, after much analysis and digging through several facts it was found that wmpnetwk.exe has some bugs during the initial launch of the windows seven in the RC and beta releases. The official word from the Microsoft came back as they will clear this bug in the final release. Now after the final version has been in the market for so long, still it was found that this process sometimes consumes majority of your system resources and compels it to slow down. Now this is
not a windows media player bug but this error definitely means that there is some problem with the windows media player installation or the process has been tampered with.It was also found that in some cases, maximum amount of CPU usage was consumed. For proper troubleshooting this problem read below.

Is wmpnetwk.exe virus?

No, it is definitely not a malicious virus that you need to be worried about. It is a simple windows media player process handler for network connectivity of this application to the internet. Now if this file is show as a virus by your antivirus, it might be possible that this file name is being used by some other process and is spreading under the same name. To be sure of it just connect to internet and press Ctr + Alt + Del and browse through the task manager to see the process list. Now if there are two processes running under it one must be a virus. To get rid of it just type “msconfig” in the run panel and browse to the “startup” tab and find the process named wmpnetwk.exe and deselect it. Now select “apply” — > “OK”. Now if your system ask for restart do not do it then.
Now you need to update your antivirus (If present) or you can download free genuine antivirus from AVG, AVIRA or AVAST. Now after installing the antivirus run a full scan. If it does find something move it to quarantine and after that “RESTART” your system. If you follow this process correctly you can surely get rid of this virus (if any) from your system.

Wmpnetwk.exe – Fix Error

Though this process does not show up much error, but by chance if it does generates any error messages such as “wpnetwk.exe not found” or “wpnetwk.exe application error” all i can suggest you to get rid of it is to disable this process.

How to disable wmpnetwk.exe

Still want to get rid of this process? This is how you can do it.This is generally a two step process.

  • First we need to disable the media sharing

For this we need to run Windows Media Player. From there browse to Library -> Media Sharing option


After sharing options is selected you will get a windows with two check boxes given. You need to deselect (if any) sharing options selected there.


Now you will be prompted with a message box displaying that you have deselected Media Sharing. Click “OK” and then close Windows Media player.


  • Secondly we need to disable the start-up process and services.

For this you have two options to accomplish this task. You can download this bat file and run it to automatically disable this process.

Or you can do it manually:

Type services.msc in the run command


Select Windows media player Netwrk sharing service and stop it. Also disable it from starting automatically.


[Click on the Image to get Larger View]

properties windows media player network sharing

Go to the command prompt and type the following command:

Windows Media Player_wmpnscfg.exe

Also you need to disable the automatic registry network discovery:


Now We have permanently fixed the issue with wmpnetwk and related processes with your windows 7 and CPU usage. If you are still unable to get rid rid of this problem, post your problem here and I will try to solve it as fast as I can. Regards.

3 thoughts on “wmpnetwk.exe – Disable and Fix High CPU Usage Error Windows 7

  1. BZ

    mind was disable since day 1 and I still get the usage alert message from norton. I double check again following your instructions and sure enough is disable. Thanks a bunch

  2. james

    i have the same issue with the first step. I do not have the media sharing option under the library tab. thanks


  3. Zonua


    I have this error, even though I never use my Windows Media Player. . . . however wmpnetwrk.exe seems to be taking up my CPU usage and making the computer really slow.
    Although your blog is really nicely written, and the instructions easy to understand, I fall at the first hurdle. According to your blog (and other instructions I’ve found online), I’ve to first disable the media sharing. When I go to the library, I don’t see this option. I couldn’t find it in ‘Options’ either. . . ? I’ve never used the WMP for file sharing before – is there any other way to turn off/get rid of wmpnetwrk.exe?

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