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What is mccicmservice.exe?

It is a verified process from the Alcatel-Lucent company, a brand name for Motive Communications Inc. telecommunication devices and services. If you have installed AT&T, FlexFx, Adobe AIR or BT Wireless device this process could have been installed with the main program.

mccicmservice.exe Location

You can find this process located under the following location in Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP:

C:\programs\common files\motive\
C:\program files\common files\motive\ Continue reading

How to Repair corrupt sprtcmd.exe startup Error

What is sprtcmd.exe?

sprtcmd.exe imageSprtmd.exe process belongs to Dell Corporation. It is a simple support file which runs on incognito mode and continuously check for system updates both critical and normal. It can effectively manage Windows updates for Dell software and applications. It can also scan for updated drivers and patches which has been released recently.

Is sprtcmd.exe a virus?

No, it is an update file from Dell. It is a verified digitally signed process and is required by your system to stay updated. It automatically scans and download updates files which keeps your system up to date and help you stay protected from virus and worms. Continue reading

mRemote – Download and Linux Alternatives

What is mRemote?

mRemote is a full-featured, multi-tab software solution which allows users to manage their remote connections in a single place. It supports many connection protocols such as:

  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS)
  • Rlogin
  • Secure Shell (SHC)
  • Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) Continue reading

WEP Key Cracker Softwares For Windows and Mac OS

With thousands of people putting their talent for app development to good use, the internet is rife with a plethora of web applications. These can help perform a range of functions that vary from the simplest to the most complex. If you want to gain access to a Wi-Fi network without the required password, there are plenty of WEP Key Crackers online that can help you. Continue reading

isuspm.exe Process – Startup and Removal

What is isuspm.exe?

isuspm.exe is a windows process related to the application called InstallShield which is created by Macrovision. It is also recognized by its process name, InstallShield Automatic Updater. isuspm.exe checks for automatic updates from the Macrovision server and if there is any updates available then it prompts the user. The program gets installed when you install any Macrovision product. It will ask the user as to whether they want to update themselves to the current version of InstallShield or not. If the user click “yes”, then it will activate InstallShield updating service and download the updated file and patch the current version installed in the PC with the new one. Continue reading